*debates whether to buy something* *imagines aziz ansari saying “treat yo self”* *treats self*

the weather outside is seriously perfect right now & you can actually see some stars (which is rare for orlando lemme tell ya) & i really just want to lay out on a blanket & cuddle with someone BUT I AM SO ALONE

i work tomorrow but i’m staying up super late doing laundry & packing as much as i can


lalalovedisney asked: hey qurl hey the name is shealen and I would like a playlist pls

i’m giving you 80s music because it’s great & so are you

S: something about you - level 42

H: here i go again - whitesnake

E: everybody wants to rule the world - tears for fears

A: africa - toto

L: let’s dance - david bowie

E: every breath you take - the police 

N: notorious - duran duran